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Live Trade Call-Outs

Our community offers a dynamic environment with live trade callouts, providing real-time insights into lucrative opportunities.

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Say goodbye to blind trading as we curate a daily watchlist, meticulously crafted by seasoned experts, ensuring you stay ahead of market movements.

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Supply and demand zones were far off so we used pre-market high and low as levels. On open we popped down to pre-market low where we either wait for a break and retest, or bounce.




This one is risky, but the last 3 months (at the time) of back-testing have shown an 80% win rate for quick scalps. We monitor on the 3' chart, wait for the first candle to close, and grab calls or puts on continuation. NVDA has a habit of running on open.




A break and retest of key levels on SPY or QQQ is my all time favorite setup. If you want to mitigate your losses, don't enter your trade as it breaks your key levels. Wait for the pullback (retest), and enter on the continuation.

the #1 secret to personal & financial growth & development:

Education & Mentorship

Here's the truth... in the cutthroat world of stock trading, education and mentorship are your golden tickets to success. Trading isn't for the faint of heart – it's a wild ride of highs and lows, and without the right knowledge, you're just playing with fire.

Education is the foundation, the weapon you wield to outsmart the market wolves. But it's not just about reading textbooks; it's about understanding the game, the psychology and the hustle.

And that's where mentorship comes in. You need a seasoned pro, someone who's been in it and thrived. A mentor is like a backstage pass to the real action, giving you insights and tricks of the trade that you won't find in any damn book. It's not just about making money; it's about staying ahead, staying alive in this economy. So, get educated, find yourself a mentor, and let's make some damn money – Empire Trading style.

Matt English on Losing, Mentorship, and Discipline.

You don't need a background in finance or business to succeed in day trading. All I've got is a diploma in Police Foundations (which I never put to use), a willingness to learn, and an internet connection.

It took me YEARS to learn how to trade properly, all because I thought I could do it on my own. I blew up several accounts thinking I knew how it worked, only to realize I was guessing at best.

It wasn't until I invested in mentorship from other more experienced traders that I leaned how to properly manage risk and identify profitable entry and exit points.

Six monitors and twelve indicators won't help you make money, but education, a little discipline and a laptop can make you a fortune anywhere in the world.

“We don't have to be smarter than the rest.

We have to be more disciplined than the rest.”

- Warren Buffett


I don't want to learn how to trade, will you trade for me?

No! We will NEVER take other people's money to trade. We simply offer you the ability to listen in on what we're doing, whether you trade along with us is completely up to you.

Can you give me financial advice on what to invest in long term?

No, we do not provide financial advice, just education on the strategies we use to trade options in the stock market. For long-term investment planning, you should speak to a licensed financial advisor.

I don't want to trade options, will this still work for me?

YES! Our strategies are based on entry and exit points so you can buy or short with shares, or purchase calls and puts with options.

How much money do I need to get started with trading?

ZERO. While different brokers will have different requirements for minimum funds needed to open an account, you can trade along with us for free using websites like Trading View. This way you can learn the "ups and downs" of trading without risking any money.

Do you ever trade Cryptocurrency?

No. While some of our admins and moderators dabble in trading crypto on their own time, this community is not and will not be one for crypto education. We want to stay focused on doing one thing successfully; stock trading.

What types of stocks do you trade?

We focus on larger more stable stocks, as they have a long data-rich history, and are less volatile than penny stocks. Our watchlist typically includes SPY, QQQ, NVDA, AMD, APPL, AMZN, GOOG, TSLA and a few more. While we're always scanning these symbols, we typically only trade one or two per day.

Do you offer refunds?

No. You will be getting access to a wealth of information and the ability to follow live trades in real time for an incredibly low price. That's low risk, high reward. Our advice is that if you cannot afford the $49, you don't join the program.

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